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TWEED HEADS-based Experts at Installing Timber Fences

For any timber fencing Tweed Heads project or a paling side or back fence? Get an instant estimate and arrange a site inspection for getting experts on the job when it comes to installing a timber fence at your residence. We offer great per meter rates along with exceptional service that has been the talk of the town for 20+ years.

Notably, we are famous for wooden fences ranging from basic paling pine fencing to traditional colonial picket fences that are popular around Gold Coast and Styles.

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Timber fencing in Tweed Heads, built with precision and the best materials 

Our Standard Side Boundary Paling fence uses C section Posts that are concreted 500 to 600 mm deep. Also, they use 3 horizontal rails of 75 x 50 mm dimension for attaching the palings. The palings are overlapped and double nailed. As a result, you are assured of wooden fencing that has a neat and clean finish. Once we are done, your property will look stunning, and over time, you will see that the boundary fences have provided you with unparalleled value for money. 


You will undoubtedly feel much safer in your Tweed Heads residence with one of our timber fence installations. With added security, you are also guaranteed extra privacy and the ability to keep all kinds of intruders away from your property. Besides, the timber fences are great for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your house in addition to its overall value. Timber fencing is especially a classy move if you live in a more rural area, where the installation blends in beautifully with your surroundings. 


Customers can rest assured that their fences will match the setting of their neighbourhood. The fencing, which comes in different styles and shapes, will give your building an appealing look along with the protection it offers. Another massive benefit is that you can have your timber fence installed as high or low as you want. 


Timber is one of the most durable materials that you can use to erect a fence in the Tweed heads area. It will last you for years to come, and the material is also non-polluting. Besides, considering the longevity, visual appeal, and environment-friendly nature of the material for fencing, you are getting great value for your money. Moreover, if your fence gets damaged, you can easily reuse it for firewood, etc. 


Timber is a very popular option for many side fences and backyard boundaries. Our fences are available at a variety of heights, including 4, 5, 6, and 7 feet, which you can choose based on your security and privacy requirements. However, the most common timber fences you can find in Hobart are 1800 mm.

Paling Fencing

Paling Fences are very common when it comes to dividing Hobart properties. These wooden fences are mainly used for side and front property boundaries. Other than that, they find applications in keeping pets off one’s property. Our fences are specially designed to meet all your security and privacy needs, so don’t hesitate to call us to hear what your options are when it comes to fence installation. 

Picket Fencing

Picket Fences are excellent front fences in the right situation. The traditional timber picket fence looks strong and lasts well under Tasmanian conditions, even during powerful summer storms. 

We can also guarantee

  • Fences with excellent sound absorption: Our timber fences are great for people seeking heightened privacy. See our range and prices of timber fencing options.
  • Standard timber fencing at competitive rates: Our prices are hard to match.
  • Solid gate construction: We use steel gate frames that will last you for a long time. We also offer an exquisite range of double and single timber pickets. 

Wooden Pine Paling Fencing is a great cheap fencing solution. Timber Fencing TweED HEADS

Finest wooden/ picket fencing in all of Tweed Heads

A wooden/ picket fence is just what your property needs to stay safe and look timeless for many years, irrespective of the weather. The fences are available in a variety of styles and customizations, including wooden screen fences, privacy screens, post & rail fences, slat fences, etc. 

Why choose Coast Fencing for building your picket fence in Tweed Heads

As a family-owned business that has over 17 years of experience, we specialize in craftsmanship, use only the best material, and are fully dedicated to meeting your requirements within the deadline and budget. 

For many years, we have been delivering picket/ wooden fencing that has stood the test of time, along with:

  • High compatibility with different building styles

Picket fences are famous for blending into your surroundings and bringing more attention to your property. You also don’t have to worry about whether the building’s architecture will match the fence, as picket fences are quite simple looking and go well with most types of constructions. 

  • Allowing privacy without blocking your view

The fence’s construction with small gaps in between each picket ensures that your house’s view isn’t obstructed by it. However, the fence also has close enough pickets to ensure that no one disturbs your privacy. It further keeps your pets and children from leaving the house unsupervised. 

  • Offering a high level of usability in both commercial and residential properties

Wooden/ picket fences are highly customizable, so they serve as a sustainable and cost-effective way to protect your commercial and residential spaces. Crucially, it looks good with all kinds of architecture, so you can ensure that both your family members and customers are comfortable with the details of the fence, such as its height. 

  • Maintenance that doesn’t eat into your day

Typically, fences have to be taken down for maintenance, but this isn’t the case for wooden/ picket fences. You can repair individual pieces of the fence when they require maintenance, saving you money and time. 

Paling Fencing, what makes us the top installers in Tweed Heads

  • Treated Pine Wooden Fences – Standards are steel c-section posts.
  • The use of 3 horizontal rails either 75mm x 50mm or 75mm x 35 mm with your choice of Paling style.
  • Fence Posts are concreted in the ground and spaced at 2.4 to 2.6 meters.
  • Pool fences are built following Hobart regulations and with quality hardware.
  • Typically, a timber fence will save you around 10 to 25% of the cost of COLORBOND, making it the stronger and more affordable option.

How our paling fence installations are unparalleled when it comes to customer friendliness

Before we take on any project, we provide you with a free consultation to gauge your needs completely. We then provide you with a reasonable quote and a timeline for the project. Following that, we begin the meticulous process of planning to ensure that we have the best tools, material, and strategy to install your paling fence. Finally, we arrive at a pre-determined time, finish the project in adherence to the highest quality standards, and ensure that you are fully pleased with the installation.

Reach out for a consultation

Wooden Pine Paling Fencing, a delightfully cheap fencing option in Tweed Heads

We are building to meet all the Eastern Shore Fencing needs when it comes to timber and COLORBOND fence styles and types. For instance, we have demonstrated expertise in Lapped timber fences, COLORBOND fencing, Capped fences, Specifically treated pine fencing

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In some cases, you may need a building permit. For instance, if you are changing the height or style of a fence of a home that is heritage listed or has an estate covenant, you would require permission. We recommend reaching out to your local council before you make your decision.

  • Experienced
  • Quality of materials used
  • A fencing license if your state/ territory requires one
  • Clear quote directly from the contractor
  • Proper guidance on fencing that will suit your property
  • Proper insurance liability

Before beginning work, you need to check the fence line or have your builder do it for you. Note that the clearance needs to be around 600 mm on both sides of the fence. 

If you are setting up a replacement fence, ensure that they go back on the previous fence line. However, a slight variance is maybe fine. 
Further, you need to remember that rails and palings are to be set up exactly as they were unless it is mutually agreed otherwise. 

Remember that pool fencing regulations vary across states and territories. To get information specific to your area, you can check out sources, including this. 

Depending on your area, you need to check with the authorities before you dig. This ensures that you don’t damage water lines, energy lines, etc. 

Yes, you may require painting after sustained usage of the fence in case you want it to look brand new. Other than that, painting the fence is also a great way to make it more resistant to wind and rain. 

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