Treated Pine Fencing

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Treated Pine Fencing.

Treated pine fencing is available in a range of fence designs some are as butted, lapped and capped or good neighbour. These are just some of the common styles on the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast for timber fencing.

Common heights are five feet and six feet fencing are the common styles. View our timber fencing page here Timber Fencing. Get a quote for a pine fence today, contact us on 0476170060.

Timber Fencing.

Treated Pine Fencing and treated pine in general has been around for years now and you can use it for all sorts of landscaping projects fencing decks pagola retaining walls.

There’s a few things you need to know to get the job done properly treated pine comes in many shapes and sizes from large round logs a range of different size sleepers right down to garden edging and pegs with a heap of stuff in between it’s harvested from plantation timber and so is a renewable resource and is a cost-effective building material.

Paling Fencing.

Using 3 horizontal rails fastened to the fence posts we then nail palings to the rails depending on the style the customer requests. Paling come in 1500 h and 1800 h the common height for side and back fences when fencing Tweed or Gold Coast is 6 ft. Using timber posts as 75 mm x 100 mm or 100 mm x 100 mm this is the standard fence post used.

Use Quality.

Now like with any timber products you will find some stuff that’s faulty and you don’t want to use that and here’s a couple of examples this one here but is splitting there if roll that over look at that nasty and you don’t want that in the job here’s another classic example of a faulty one big knot here that’s going to create a weak point and it’s probably come from a branch as opposed to the trunk of the tree and the trunks what you want because that’s the strongest so try and avoid any faulty stuff or if it gets delivered send it back.

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