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Horizontal Slats Makes a Good Looking Fence

Modern screening solution for your home. Horizontal slats are very popular and gives a sleek modern fence solution. Especially combined with correct color choice to contrast your home. Our Slat Panels are commonly used around the home at entry points. If you have a area where privacy may be needed, or street frontage pier infills, front entry gates, driveway sliding gates.

Integrate Your Home’s Features

Get the contemporary designer look that also promotes natural light and airflow.

It also works well with the architectural style, adding aesthetic value to your home.

Aluminium slat fencing is considered to be one of the most versatile in the market today. They are lightweight, tough, less expensive, and can be designed in any style to match your house and your taste.

Horizontal Slats are Easy to Maintain

Made from 100% COLORBOND® steel so you can be sure it’s strong, hardwearing and also, of course, termite resistant.

When you have broken or chipped slats the last thing you can do is repair them for a high price.

Fortunately, that’s not the case for metal slats. It can be repaired and replaced for a small amount of money. Make sure you inspect your fence on a regular basis to make sure they are in perfect form.


Suitable for boundary or feature fences or as a screen for patios, carports, garbage bins and pool filters.

Aluminum horizontal slats are extremely robust. Unlike wrought iron or steel, aluminum is resistant to rust. The fence can withstand harsh climate conditions and won’t crack or bend even if you kick balls or knock against it accidentally.

If you’re looking for an extremely robust fence, the Aluminum horizontal slats fence is for you.

Colors and Sizes

Our Colorbond coated colored aluminium slats, They make a great decorative infill or privacy screen solution. They are long-lasting and can be spaced accordingly to your needs, be it privacy and airflow.

Slat Panels can be pre-assembled or assembled on-site as well as that. We also offer a fabricated solution for demanding situations.

Choose Colors for your Horizontal Slats

Choose from a range of the most popular COLORBOND® steel colors. Available in a range of panel sizes and is easy to install.

The overall design like shape, size, orientation, and color is fully customizable. You can easily match the color of your modern home or you can also replicate wood staining or finish with any color.

With ColorBond fencing you get specific advantages over more traditional wooden fencing.


This ranges depending on the fabrication and install method. With our range can have the slats spaced at your choice of gap so, that give you the choice to decide what gap will visually suit your project the best.

The common spacings are 10, 20 and 30 mm. A large gap can be set if required for 50 % transparency where covenants may be in place for developer reasons.

Finally, Get your quote and advice for your Aluminium slat project. Its simple. Call us on 0476 170 060 or request a quote via our online quote form.

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