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We Install Tubular fences and gates

All Pool Panels are to Australian Standards.

We supply and install a range of Aluminium pool fencing. It’s an excellent affordable pool fencing solution. Given that it’s off a shelf solution at an affordable price. Another great feature of flat top pool fencing is how well it blends into the background. This is a common comment from our customers. Not Only that, It also can lift a garden, the contrast of the green and black really does look good to many eyes. 


Panels can be powder coated to a choice of the colorbond fencing range. The standard off the shelf colors is Satin black, domain, and green. Most other colors need to be color-coded after order.


Custom Panels can be made, However the standard panels are 2450 mm x 1200mm. Besides that, Custom can be made to a length of 3 meters. 

We highly recommend this solution when only 1 panel needed. In addition, When a longer fencing run is being installed, the 3000 mm panels or pool fencing size panel is best used. In addition, upright gaps can be custom set at a additional cost.


Raked Panels. We also can rake the aluminium pool fencing panels for sloping land. Importantly, This means there is no need for stepping panels one by one leaving a large gap and one end and no gap at the other. Granted that the lay of the land is within reason.

Economical Aluminium Pool Fencing

Common uses such as swimming pool fencing, Garden fencing. Perimeter fencing are some of the uses for flat top pool panels. 

One of the uses that are being applied more and more is the black flat top aluminium fencing panels with timber posts , it looks absolutely fantastic. 

The blend of the two different materials really can give an outstanding look and something just a little different to others.

Range Of Styles

Some of the common styles are. Flat Top, Loop, Spear Top, Loop and Spear. All these styles can be used after the pool fence installation as well as prior.


  • Pool latches, We offer a supply and install service for pool gate latches, key lock is available.
  • Self closing hinges, Self closing hinges can ensure your gates always closed and keep your pets in.
  • Doggy Bars, for small dogs we can fabricate into the lower section of the panels a second vertical bars. 
  • This reduces the gap down from 100mm to 50 mm, With this purpose of keeping your pets on the right side of the aluminium pool fencing.

For pool fencing installation, contact us for a fence quote.

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