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Electric Sliding Gates - Daily Convenience

Coast Fencing & Gates are the best when it comes to the installation of electric sliding gates for any residential, office or any building. 

There is a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from. You can also send us your design ideas and we can send you our free quotation.


If you’re looking for a space-saving, inexpensive and stylish gate design, sliding gates are for you. A sliding gate has a fixed running floor track and wheels which move horizontally along the fence line. 

Automatic gates are ideal for properties beside roads as it eliminates the need to swing the gate outwards onto a busy footpath. 

Another practical reason for choosing a sliding gate is durability. All sliding gates are made of either galvanized steel or aluminium. These metals are hard, resilient, corrosion resistant.

Offering various styles and multiple color options for a new sliding gate.

Put a personal touch on your automatic sliding gate with color or timber look alloy slats. They installed horizontally or vertically.


Similar to manual sliding gates, the functionality of an electric sliding gate is also the same.

 The only difference is how you operate it. For a manual sliding gate, you have to use your hands to opened and closed the gate but for an electric sliding gate, you use a remote for easy operation. 

You get two sliding options in almost all sliding gates, Full size 1 gates or  into two halves that slide in opposite directions to each other.

Some middle split gates even give you the option to slide on one part of the gate for convenience. Unless you’re in your car, you don’t need to slide both parts of the gate. 

Coast Fencing and Gates offers installation and repairs of horizontal slat electric sliding gates. We customize your gate frame based on your desired length, height and needs. 

A electric gate motor for the gate to be open and closed is selected based on site, and gate weight factors.

  • Gate frame, height and width.
  • Weight of gates
  • Distance from power source
  • Average number of opens each day


Remote control is everywhere, be it in your kitchen, garage door or your gate. The world is adopting automation and so can you for your gate operating convenience. 

The fact that remote control gates are getting so popular today is because year after year these gates are becoming more affordable. 

Remote control gates are by far the most convenient, time-saving and reliable and safe. A remote control makes it so simple for you to open and close without you having to step out of your car. 

There are mainly two types of remote control, a)Fixed Code, and b)Jump Code.

Fixed Code is the older version of remotes that uses a DIP switch and is less efficient. Whereas Jump Code/Progressive Code is newer version remotes that are commonly used in keyless entry systems. 

Aside from horizontal slat automatic gates. At Coast Fencing and Gates also offer vertical slat sliding gates options. Vertical slat fencing gates are very popular and trendy also. 

Maximize your home security with our Vertical slat sliding gates.

The slats can be from touching to your desired spacing apart to give the transparency you choose.


The first thing you could do to keep your property and family safe is to install an electric fence. These gates act as your first line of defence and are versatile in many ways. 

There are a few things you should check before you install an electric gate and fence. First, you should check the building codes so that you don’t violate anything, second, you find a reliable fencing contractor.

The reason why you should contact a professional fencing and gate technician is that automatic gates can be pretty complicated to install by yourself. Unless you are an expert you should not deal with it by yourself. 

Coast Fencing and Gates offer wide range of quality locally made sliding electric gates installation and repair in Tasmania. 

We can help you achieve your desired gate and customize it based on your needs. 

We have a range of standard designs as well as ability to produce from your requested style and color to choose from. 

Contact us today and get a obligation free quote. 

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