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7 Things to Consider When Building a New Fence

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of securing your property? Probably, fencing! Installing a fence (especially timber fencing) will not only secure your property but will also add value to your property, enhance recreation space, and improve curb appeal.

Whether you decide to build concrete or timber fencing, there are lots of things that you should take into consideration before you start the project.

Here are 7 things you should consider when building a new few.

1. Intended Use

Ask yourself, why do I need a fence? Are you looking for more privacy? Do you need a fence because of your dog? The intended use of a fence will determine what types of fence material you’ll need. How high should be the fence?

If you’re looking to decorate or establish a simple property line, timber fencing can be the perfect fit. If you’re looking for a full security fence, a metal fence with a concrete pillar will be a better option.

Knowing the intention not only helps choose the right material but also helps decide your budget and landscaping ideas.

2. Property Line

Once you determine why you need a fence, consult a property survey expert and mark the boundary of your property.  If you don’t have the copy, take out some time to visit your land records office.

Knowing the property line gives you the exact location for the fence. It also helps avoid potential problems with your neighbours.

3. Fencing Rule and Regulation

Compared to America and other parts of the world, Australia doesn’t have strict rules on fencing. But it’s still worth checking with the local authority or consulting a fencing service provider.

As per Australian law, any fence less than 2 meters in height doesn’t require a permit. Any fence higher that that might need a permit. If you’re planning timber fencing under 2 meters you are in luck, if not consult your local fencing service provider.

4. Style

Whether you build timber fencing or vinyl fencing it should complement the style of your property. Decide ahead what you want, horizontal or vertical panels, traditional or continental styles, or more.

Mostly all the fences can be customized and modified, so choose a theme that is already present in the appearance of your home.

5. Budgeting

Budgeting will help you determine the material, the style of a fence, the hardware you can use, and the size of the fenced-in area.

If your budget is low, timber fencing can be the best option. These are the approximate cost of timber fencing in Australia.

  • Treated pine timber slat fence cost anywhere from $280 – $350 a meter.
  • Pre-primed treated pine fence- $320 a meter.
  • 5m picket fence- $63 – $97 a meter.
  • 8m picket fence– $70 – $105 a meter.
  • Entrance Factor

When you build a new fence you should also consider the gate. You don’t want to build a fence that doesn’t have easy access.

If you notice, there are always two points of access to every fencing area. Decide ahead where you want to place your main gate and secondary gate. The main gate should be wide enough for the car, wheelie bins, and lawn mowers to pass by.

Lastly – Check Before You Dig

You never know what is lying underneath, so you must get a professional to do the checking. If you’re in a new neighbourhood, check for utilities like electricity or water pipes running through your property.

If you can’t tackle the problem yourself, don’t take the risk. You could accidentally burst water pipes or electric wiring. So, always consult or take help from a fencing expert.

If you live in Hobart, Australia, Coast Fencing and Gates can help you.

Ready to Get Started?

When you are planning to build a fence, make sure you hire the right contractor. Though fences don’t look that complex, building them can be quite tricky and daunting. Whether it be timber fencing or metal fencing, all of them have to undergo a process.

Hiring a contractor will not only save you time and money but also get you neatly finished fencing. Other than that, you need to do your homework. Make a checklist and write down all the points mentioned in this article. Don’t start the project unless you have ticked all the boxes.

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