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6 Key Benefits of Installing Electric Gates at your Residence or Place of Business

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Your home or place of business is probably the most valuable thing you own. Even more importantly, it is where you expect to be safe with your family members or coworkers and all your prized possessions. Given the importance of securing your home or commercial property, you need to have the best possible setup in place to protect it. 

In that regard, electric gates can be quite useful.Read on to see how it is beneficial for you as a homeowner/ businessperson to have an electric gate installed.

  • Unparalleled security of the electric driveway gate

Undoubtedly, having electric gates, whether it is sliding electric gates or the swinging version, is an excellent way to keep out burglars, trespassers, and even unwanted visitors. Notably, you have complete control over who gets in and out, leading to enhanced safety. Due to this feature, you can keep children and pets from running outside the house unsupervised. It is further worth mentioning that the electric gate setup will keep out wildlife that may cause damage to your landscape. 


  • Lower insurance premiums

Home and commercial property owners can negotiate better deals with their insurance providers because the latter know the amount of security that an electric gate can add. Due to that, you will end up with lower insurance premiums.


  • Amazing aesthetic appeal

Imagine how cool it would look to have gates swing open automatically when your guests arrive! Apart from the shock and awe value, electric gates also make your property look good, given how most of them are made with stylish wrought metal work. Due to this enhanced look, your property will be the envy of your neighbours.


  • Increased property value

Your electric gate is going to be a long-term investment. When you are looking to sell your house or property, the presence of an electric gate will positively affect the valuation. Businesses that have electric gates are also viewed as prioritizing high quality, which means having them installed can do wonders for you.


  • Heightened sense of privacy

Your electric gate will act as a shield that keeps your family’s privacy intact.

Consequently, you will be able to stay relaxed in your front yard without worrying about anyone staring at you from outside.

Moreover, you can use the electric gate to restrict entry to your property, which means you can make your home or commercial building a haven from prying eyes. 


  • Added convenience 

The main issue with a traditional, non-automated gate is that it is highly inconvenient when it comes to opening and closing. When you come home from work, especially in a car, you have to get down for opening the gate and closing it behind you as well. To make matters worse, you may forget to lock the gate behind you.

None of this is an issue with an electric gate installation. You can count on the motorized system and the sensors to open and lock the gate behind you when you enter or exit your property. Owing to this facility, you can save a lot of time and effort, a huge benefit especially when you are in a hurry or are just tired. Since the gate locks automatically, you have no reason to worry about whether you locked the gate behind you.



Securing your home, commercial building, or property may be one of the most important decisions you may make this year. Apart from the obvious security benefits, having electric gates will make your property look classier, increase its value, and bring down insurance payments.

If you still have any queries about the value, reach out to Coast Fencing and Gates’ team of experts

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