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Aluminium Slat Fencing

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COAST FENCING AND GATESAluminium Slat Fencing Solutions

Can be used as an Excellent option for lifting your homes street appeal or to give you a area that offers you additional privacy from close neighbours. As well as protecting you from the sun, this solution is a simple and economical way to get what you need in a short space of time without lengthy planning.

Aluminium slat screens

A great way of proving privacy or hiding something you may wish to take the eye away from. Such as bin enclosures.

Aluminium Slat Brick Pier Infills

Slatted Brick Pier infills, Gates and slinging Automatic gates

Fencing and Gates From Aluminium Slats

Can be custom fabricated or built on site depending on the scope of works.

They just look fantastic, available in a full range of Colorbond colors. Aluminum slats are a super popular fence and screen option.

Its a favorite and core part of our business. Installing slat fencing in Aluminium for our customers and seeing the end product. There is a range of styles and consideration points.

  • Width of Slats are available in 65 mm & 90 mm
  • The Gap or (spacing) between Slats in the fence, common spacing are 5, 9 and 20 mm.
  • Overall Panel width can go to approximately 2400 mm, anything over that should use a center support strip. Width and if a center support will be required. As sometimes panels may need a center-foot to avoid and panel sag or “sheer” if the overall width is to great.
  • Your choice of colors using a color chart and contrast and background.

Aluminium Slats Fencing Slats

Aluminium Slats Fencing Slats are generally  are 65 x 16 mm and can be spaced from 50 % transparency. Now that could be 65 mmm if required or down to 10 mm, However the most common seem to be 9 to 20 mm gap

Power coated aluminium slats fencing is readily available in the Colorbond color range that will complement and combine with other colorbond colors around your home such as roofing ang guttering. Slat Fencing

Slat Fencing and Gates combined together in a street front facing scenario Looks will bring a aesthetic lift to any residential property.

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