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Points to Consider while finalizing Driveway Gate

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best drivewayA driveway gate is a great way to enhance the look of your home and leave a great first impression on your visitors. In addition, it is also a way to protect your home from unwanted visitors and give your family a little extra privacy.

There are many other benefits of installing a driveway gate. To take full advantage you need to consider things before you finalize your driveway gate.

We have listed a few things you must consider before finalizing a driveway gate to get a better, smarter, and more beautiful gate for your property.

4 Things to Consider Before Installing a Driveway Gate

Whether you’re installing a wooden gate, metal gate, or modern automatic driveway gates, there are a few things you can’t ignore if you want your gate to stands out.

1. Style and Design

Since your driveway gate is the first thing that people see when they visit your property, the style and design should be the first thing you should focus on when installing a gate. You should have a clear vision of what you want your driveway gate to look like.

In this way, you can clarify your dream gate to the customs gates company. Even better, you can share different inspirations of the driveway gates ideas with them as references.

While getting the right design for your driveway gates, get a design that fits and blends perfectly with your home and enhances the look of your home.

Make sure to choose a style or design that resembles your house. You can take the style or color of your house into account, the style of your house wall, or even the roofing design and color.

2. Opening Mechanism

Another thing you would want to consider while getting a driveway gate is the opening mechanism of the gate. The opening mechanism of a driveway gate is mainly classified into sliding gates, swinging gates, and folding gates.

Currently, swinging, mainly double swinging gates are the standard options for most people. Though double swinging gate is by the trend, don’t follow the crowd. Research, look and decide the best option that fits your home.

Also, don’t forget to weigh the pros and cons for each type of gate that you put on your list.

  • Sliding Gates– Sliding gates open and close by sliding in the horizontal direction, so people with limited space can utilize their space effectively with sliding gates. Even if you have ample space, sliding gates might be necessary if you have an inclined driveway that might not be ideal for swinging gates.
  • Folding Gates– Similarly, folding gates are another option for people with limited space and for people who have inclined driveways or a complex-shaped driveway. Folding gates also are easier to maintain and open faster and quietly compared to sliding or swinging gates.
  • Swinging Gates– Before getting a swinging gate, consider the space available in the driveway. Swinging gates are ideal when there is not enough horizontal space to slide the door. Swinging gates are also slightly on the expensive side compared to other driveway gates.

3. Functionality & Accessibility

Functionality and accessibility include the level of privacy, security, safety requirements, and how the gate is accessible. If your priority is more on privacy, you can use large tall gates that keep your front yard from being visible from outside.

For security, you can use sturdy materials like steel and iron. You can also get other aspects like alarms and security cameras for a secure and safe home.

  • Manual Gates– Manual gates are the most common ones that homeowners have been using for centuries and are still preferred by most people to date. But it can also be inconvenient to manually open and close the gates especially when you have heavy doors. With manual gates, there are also concerns of security, as someone can easily unlock the gate locks through different unlocking methods or by replicating the key.
  • Electronic Gates– Electronic gates use pin codes or cards to unlock the doors. The good thing about electronic gates is you don’t have to open the door manually, all you need is a pin code or card. Electronic gates also have security concerns as you have to share the pin code or the swiping cards with other people.
  • Remote Controlled Gates– Remote-controlled gates make it really convenient as you can open the gate without stepping out of your car or home. Remote-controlled gates are generally the safest as you have total control of people who get into your home.
  • Intercom Controlled Gates– Intercom-controlled gates are another secure option. When paired with security cameras, they let you know who is at your gate. Intercom gives full control over your gate; nobody can enter or go out without your permission. But obviously, with high-tech systems, the cost goes up.

4. Material of the Gate

Always consider the material of the gate before installing a driveway gate, as the gate’s material mainly determines the durability and the required maintenance of the gate. You also want to consider the material most suited to your home’s condition.

  • Aluminum– Aluminum will be the perfect material for someone looking for a lightweight yet durable driveway gate. They also are a great option as they require less maintenance like iron and are also immune to rusting. But if you want something sturdy, aluminum is certainly not for you.
  • Iron– When considering iron for your driveway, there are two options for you, wrought iron and cast iron. Wrought iron is generally sturdier and is resistant to denting, bending, and even shock damage, but they are slightly expensive and rust pretty quickly without a protective coating. Whereas cast iron gives a better look with its smooth finish and is affordable, it is not as resistant to impact as wrought iron.
  • Steel– Steel is just a stronger and much more durable alternative than all other materials, making it perfect if you want a protective and secure front gate. It is resistant to most damages and also is quite resistant to rust if appropriately galvanized. And the best part is steel is low maintenance and will outlast most materials.
  • Wood/Timber– If your main focus is aesthetics, wood will be one of your best choices. When used correctly it will not only beautify your home but also provide better privacy and security. The best part is that wood is much more environmentally friendly than other materials. There are concerns that wood is generally less durable than other materials, but if a metal frame supports the wood, it increases the durability of the driveway gate.

Choose Wise, Choose Better!

The benefits of having driveway gates are tremendous and a mandatory addition to your home. But to properly enjoy the benefits of driveway gates, you must consider different factors while finalizing a driveway gate.

Your peace of mind and security of the house can be at risk without a properly installed driveway gate according to your preference.

So, always consider the style and design of the gate, the opening mechanism, functionality, accessibility, and material before you finalize a driveway gate for your home.

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