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How to Install Automatic Driveway Gates?

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Slat GatesGetting out of your cars and opening the driveway gates can sometimes prove to be a very annoying and troublesome thing to do. If you have a gated driveway in your home or office, you can probably relate to this feeling altogether, not to mention closing the gate afterwards.

The best thing to do about this snafu is to get automatic driveway gates installed on your property. There are various types of automated gates that are available in the market such as the automatic sliding driveway gates, etc.

The benefits of installing automatic driveway gates such ass sliding driveway gates, etc. are starting to become more and more appealing to homeowners. They provide comfort and protection, and their lovely beauty boosts curb appeal, thus increasing your property’s value.
If properly maintained in line with a recommended maintenance schedule, automated gates are dependable and will work for many years.

If you are willing to learn more about how you should be installing driveway gates, keep reading!

Key Steps for Installing Driveway Gates on Your Property

Installing an automatic gate can be difficult, depending on the mechanism you wish to use and how your gate is made to open. Installation of swing gate automated gate openers is frequently easier than that of sliding gate or vertical pivot lift gate openers.

The most complex automatic gates should only be installed by an expert to ensure that they are safe and functional. It is essential to make sure that your swing gate opens and shuts easily before converting it to an automatic gate because a gate opening system will only be as successful as the gate itself.

Here are a few key steps that you need to follow when installing automated gates:

Choose the Right Materials

If you take into mind the material of your automatic gates, your search will be significantly shortened. Gates can be made out of many different materials, including metal, wood, and plastic. Within those categories, there are choices as well, such as wood, metals, Vulcan, etc.

Naturally, the material from which your gates are made should be something you appreciate, but they also need to go with your house.

Prep the Driveway Gates for Automation Process

Make that the gate swings evenly and freely on its hinges. If there are any blockages or if the swing radius of the gate is not at a level, it can break or damage the gate opener.

If the gate and gate opener are being installed at the same time, make sure the opener arm bracket is positioned correctly on the gate according to your gate opener’s instructions.

Make Sure to Check the Motors

Your automatic gates must be driven by reliable motors that are powerful enough to do the task but not so powerful that they swing open too quickly and could harm someone. The installation of motors, which can be positioned above or below ground, should be done by a certified expert.

A competent individual might also recommend the ideal form of automation. Hiring a person with the required experience and credentials reduces the likelihood that a motor may fail early because it was installed incorrectly.

If the motor malfunctions, the gates also cease working, which may be a big hassle if you are trapped inside or outside your home and have to wait for help. A manual release mechanism is present on the majority of gate automation motors, allowing human control of the gate by partially disconnecting the motor.

Check the Control/Access System for the Gate

With the aid of access control systems, you may operate automatic gates from within your house. When visitors arrive, they could be able to interact with them and possibly even observe them. They can employ radio, Wi-Fi, or GSM technologies and can be wired or wireless.

Keypads at the gate, internal release buttons that can only be accessible from the inside, proximity pads, tags, and cards are a few other components. Another choice is to install cables underneath the driveway that must be driven over in order to activate the entry system.

Install the Brackets for Posts & the Gate

There are post brackets on which the automated gate opener’s mechanism is placed. Utilizing the included hardware, mount these brackets, making sure to level them with the post. The driveway gates may need to be disassembled in order to attach the brackets.

Use the gate’s hinges to hang it on the post if it is not already there. Check to see if the swing is even and is not tethered anywhere throughout the swing radius.

Install & Run the Intercom Systems

The simplest intercom setup consists of a button at the gate and an audio alarm within the house. Someone inside unlocks the automatic gate for a visitor when they push the button when they arrive.

A higher level of complexity enables spoken communication between someone at the gate and someone inside the house. This includes the gate-release button, a telephone-style handset, an audio intercom located on a desk, a wall, or both.

A video replacement shows a picture of the person at the gate on a screen inside the home.

In a Nutshell

It is understandable that installing automatic driveway gates can be challenging, many people choose to work with trained fencing and gate specialists. There are several things that you need to keep in mind when you head on to install driveway gates.

You must also give some serious thought about what kind of driveway gates do you need and which ones would work the best on your property. Furthermore, please get in touch with our professionals if you have any questions about installing an automatic driveway gate or one of the security barrier solutions.

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