Our Business offers a range of fencing solutions and services, We also offer onsite free quotes and advice. With over 17 years of experience in the fencing industry. From your standard side and back boundary fences or custom designs – we have budget solutions for basic dividing Timber and Colorbond fences to street front decorative slat fencing and gates.

Our Core Fencing Services

  • Aluminium Slat
  • Colorbond Fences and Gates
  • Aluminium Fencing
  • Aluminium Gates
  • Screens
  • Pool Fencing
  • Demolition and Removal of old fence.
  • Retaining Walls

Once you have decided that you wish to replace your fence. If its a adjoin fence with a neighbour, it may be best to approach the owners. Then you can have their input on style and colours and come up with a mutual positive outcome. Its standard to share the costs between neighbours when it is a shared fence replacement.


A part of our services when fencing is the demolition and removal of the old fence. Often it can be a difficult job if gardens are overgrown or access maybe difficult. Some clients will do this them self’s. Generally though Coast fencing and Gates. When we do this we will charge a per lineal meter rate.


With focus on recycling and the environment, we always ensure to dispose of the old fence removed at a correct facility and abiding by local government guidelines.

The New Fence

  • 1 after the old fence is removed is to establish the ground levels and check for finished heights. Making sure there are no obstruction or high ground clearance areas.
  •  2 this is the digging of the holes and concreting in the posts (if Concreted) or bolted down if on top of a concrete slab. Spacing are monitored to ensure the posts are correctly spaced for the environment and wind factors.
  • Now the rails, if its timber fencing we use 3 rails, if its Colorbond we use a top and bottom rail , the top rail is also the capping.
  • 4 We will either install the Colorbond infill sheets, or nail on the paling to the 3 rails if its timber fencing.
  • This is trimming the top line if its timber, or if Colorbond we will add the post caps and final screws to the top capping rail.