Fence Quotes

Fence Quotes

Are you considering considering getting a fence quotes? To replace existing fence such as side or rear fence. Maybe a new fence on your property. If so there is some factors that you should consider. Before contacting fencing contractors to site inspect and quote. If you’re at using a online calculator you may want some specs handy before you do.


If this is a replacement fence, its often a good idea to have some rough dimensions on hand at the time.

Specifically aske the contractor to quote for demolition and removal of your old fence if needed. This is usually done on a per metre rate and can when requested be broken into 2 portions the demolition and the removal.

Further more on the removal, Should the fence be asbestos or be dangerous in anyway you may need to contact a specialist removal in this field generally a license is required for removal.


Onto the New Fence

Before you start calling fencing contractors, Its a good idea to consider and maybe decide on a few things

  1. you’ve replaced or installed
  2. and then you maybe it’s timber maybe Colorbond
  3. maybe it’s a custom design
  4. maybe dog proof

 As there is plenty of the things that the contractor may ask before providing a quote

The fence line

If clearing is required along the fence line, This may be an additional charge. On the fence quote some fence quotes are charged by the hour and some fixed price on the quote for this type of work.

In most instances the fencing contractor will have some terms and conditions on the fencing quote. They will be regarding the line and access and working space on each side of the line.

The neighbor’s
should you be sharing the fencing quote with your neighbors maybe it’s a good idea to contact them first, To see if they are interested in paying a share or not. If its a rental through a real estate agent you may wish to contact the real estate agency, As they often require to get their own quote show the owner also.