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Slat GatesSafety is a basic human instinct we all share. All the wars that had happened in the past and that are happening right now have something to do with “safety.

Back in the early Stone Age, people used to live in caves for safety. Today we live in our house for safety. But, in the modern world, only a house is not enough to keep you safe, you need an enhanced security system. The easiest thing you can do to boost your home security system is to install automatic gates.

Why Choose an Automatic Gate over Traditional Gate

Compared to a traditional gate, modern automatic gates have a lot more to offer. Let’s look at some of the advantages of installing an electric gate.

  1. Convenience – If you have a manual gate you know the pain involved in opening and closing the gate. An automatic gate cuts off all those efforts with just a press of a button. With some advanced automatic gates, you don’t even need the remote, the sensor will do all the opening and closing for you.
  2. Better Security – Most manual gates use a padlock as a locking mechanism, which can easily be bypassed by theft and criminals. Whereas to bypass an automatic gate, a person will need a remote control. This remote control feature makes the automatic gate a better security option.
  3. Affordable – Back in the old days an automatic gate was something that only the rich can have, it was an item of extravagance that not everyone could afford. But today, anyone can buy and install an automated gate. The material and the installation process are getting cheaper and becoming more affordable even for middle-class families.
  4. Increase Your Home Aesthetic Appeal – Automatic gates are customizable, you can design these gates as per your needs and style. Installing an auto-control gate in Gold Coast , Australia will not only provide extra security but also boost the beauty of your home. In short, it can change the whole picture of your house and increase curb appeal.
  5. Increase Your Property Value – Alongside having better safety and security ratings, automatic gates add a classy and expensive look to your property. Just like how the car value goes up when you put in an alarm system, the value of your home also goes up when you install an electric gate.

Sign of Repair and Replacement

If you have your auto-gate installed years ago, make sure to give them a thorough inspection at least once a year. Here are some signs that might call for a repair or replacement.

  1. Worn Appearance – As a natural process all metal gates will start to rust sooner or later, even if you have them coated with paint, you will still see paint chips and flakes. This is the moment when you need to call a professional to do the repair.
  2. Unusual Noises – Automatic gates are made up of electrical devices. If you hear any unusual beeping, whirring, or grinding sound while opening and closing the gate, you should address it as soon as possible. The sound could be due to worn-out parts, it could be battery problems, electrical issues within the circuit system, or any other problems.
  3. Operating Problem – Slow operation, misaligned gate, the gate won’t open at all or won’t close can completely ruin the entire purpose of the automatic gate. So, if you find your gate not responding or operating as it should, contact a professional for repair or replacement if needed.
  4. Outdated Gate – If your automatic gate only performs the “open” and “close” functions, you have an old model gate. The technology of automated gates has reached a new level. It is high time that you replace your old model with new ones.
  5. Motor Problem – This is the most common problem that every automatic gate owner will face at least once in their lifetime. The problem with the motor is when it stops working the gate stops working altogether. Motor problems can be due to rust or corrosion, pest, wear and tear, or due to harsh weather conditions.

Gold Coast – Coast Fencing and Gates at Your Service

Whether you’re planning to install a new automatic gate or looking for a quick repair, Coast Fencing, and Gates in Gold Coast, Australia can help. We’re a family-run business operating with 17 years of residential fencing experience.

Install an automated gate today and keep your family and your property safe. Nobody has seen tomorrow, so take action today.

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