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Buying the best driveway gate for your yard in Australia

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Double GatesBuying the best driveway gate for your yard in Australia: Top 6 things to bear in mind 

Selecting the right driveway gate for your home is no easy task.

Making the right selection will go a long way in increasing your lawn’s curb appeal, helping you blend into your neighbourhood, and keeping you safe.

As a result, you need to make a well-thought-out decision, keeping in mind your aesthetic sensibilities, budget, location, and security needs, rather than impulsively buying the cheapest driveway gates on the market.

To help you make an informed decision that lets you enjoy all the benefits that a top-notch driveway gate offers, we have put together a list of the key things to remember before buying one.

The driveway gate’s material

Typically, you can choose from a range of driveway gates made of four materials. Aluminium is perfect for you if you want a modern, minimalist-looking option that comes in a lot of colours and is cost-effective. Besides, the material makes your driveway gate rustproof and low maintenance.

If you are highly security conscious and want a more durable gate, you can opt for a steel version. However, remember that the gate needs regular treatment to prevent corrosion.

If you want your driveway gate to have a rich appearance, you can opt for one made of Australian hardwood or similar wood that isn’t prone to rotting.

You can always pick an imposing wrought-iron gate, which comes in custom-made traditional and modern designs.

Picking between swinging vs. sliding driveway gates

While swinging driveway gates are more common, the sliding variant is more functional. For instance, the latter is cost-effective, takes up less space, and can be quite handy in an inclined driveway. When compared to swinging driveway gates, they are also easier to install on all surfaces.

Deciding if you need automatic driveway gates

If you live in a large household and have a lot of vehicles, it would be prudent to install automated driveway gates. Before you set it up, you need a professional to assess the weight, size, hinge position, motor requirements, power source, etc. With an automatic driveway gate, you get a high degree of safety, convenience, and time-saving.

Figuring out the style

Ensure that your driveway gate matches the neighbourhood vibe and also the theme and style of your house. For instance, if you have a colonial-style home, you can opt for a picket fence and gate. Meanwhile, if you have an old-fashioned house, you can choose an intricately made steel or Aluminum driveway gate.

Enabling convenient access

To fortify your house, you can go with a driveway gate with intercom access. Alternatively, you can pick a driveway gate system that lets people through based on whether they have a clicker/ remote control, swipe card, electronic key, or code. A gate that has to be manually opened is the cheapest option, but it also brings with it inconvenience and security risks.

Your privacy requirements

Based on whether you want the outside world to be able to see your property, you need to select between driveway gates that are either completely opaque or have steel designs in them.


Choosing the perfect driveway gate can be intimidating. However, if you keep the above points in mind, you will certainly end up with a pick that lasts you a lifetime, spruces up your home, and keeps you safe. Crucially, it will turn out to be a long-term investment that makes your property more valuable over time.

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